Duct Tape- Don’t leave home without it.

June 13:  Left our beautiful hotel in Pingliang. The best stop yet. Lovely property with gardens, fountains, pools, walking paths.Quite new. Wish this had been a 2 night stop but we traveled on to Lanzhou where we will stay an extra night.  For the first time, I can’t use the internet in my room. Some others can, but I will go to the business center in the morning and pay to post this.




OK, duct tape. So as not to distress anymore toll booth attendants, Ed duct taped our license plate to the underside of the right side visor. So now when we approach a toll booth, we just flip it down! Very clever man. Who knows what additional uses we will have for it before we are done.

We traveled more secondary roads today which produced much shaking and bumping of the cars. Jerry’s Corvette didn’t like the pot holes at all and he has an unidentified rattle that most likely will require pulling the right rear wheel off. We will loan him our jack stands for his diagnostic look in the morning.

Today was my birthday and at dinner, I was surprised with a cake with candles. It all got sort of mixed up since Ed and I opted to have dinner alone in the hotel restaurant that had Western food. We had lamb chops, French fries and a Caesar salad.  We have had some very good Chinese food, but it is nice to have a change. As a gift, I have a bottle of Chinese “wine”, 42% alcohol!  I haven’t opened it yet. Thank you Doug and Mir Corporation for my birthday celebration. Hopefully I will get photos from those who had cameras there.

Already Tuesday and this is how everyone spent the morning off. We canceled the tour of the city and a visit to a museum. We will do a boat tour of the Yellow river in the afternoon.  Left is Jerry and Roy, right is Clay.

More from the road tomorrow.

About ejhowle23

Authors and adventurers, participated in the World Race 2011, an automobile rally from New York to Paris, crossing three continents and 14,000 land miles. Following much the same route as the setting for our debut novel, The Long Road to Paris. This blog describes our own adventures and challenges. And now you can follow our Bahamas sailing adventure that provides the setting for our second novel, Night Watch. Our rally, the African Safari Challenge, crossed five countries in South Africa in May 2014 and in 2015 we participated in the second Trans-American rally this time from Nova Scotia to San Francisco. Spring of 2016 we travelled 28 days around Australia with friends from previous rallies and in the fall participated in our most exhausting rally through Argentina, Chili and Peru- the Rally of the Incas. We were awarded the Against All Odds award. We're still not sure if this was for us or our car. Stewball never broke down and we hardly did. We will soon take on Iceland as a self-drive tour and in the fall of 2017 we will participate in the Odyssey Italia and then back to Africa for a do-over (almost) of the Africa Safari Challenge.
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3 Responses to Duct Tape- Don’t leave home without it.

  1. TBC says:

    Jan and Ed,

    I do remember at Cup-A-Joe asking if you had packed duct tape. So glad you found a use for it! I hope it’s the only time you’ll need it.

    Meanwhile, belated B-day wishes to Jan. Sorry I missed the actual day.

    It’s good to hear you’ve had some time off. On a long journey, one needs those days.

    Meanwhile, stay safe, healthy and have fun!

    TBC and Arnie

  2. rdsieber says:

    Happy belated birthday! Glad you didn’t have to duct-tape the candles to the cake! Keep the wine handy in case you run out of reserve fuel in the outback somewhere.

    Ronald Sieber

  3. Susan Attermeier says:

    Happy Birthday Jan! Sounds like is was a once in a lifetime celebration! But hey – you are a PT and should never be without duct tape! Did you bring double sticky velcro? By the way your photos of China are so interesting. What a beautiful place.


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