A new high

Sept. 24. Lots of you have shared your impressions after finishing The Long Road to Paris and even posted reviews on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com. While we really, really want to believe you, many of you have some connection to us and so fit within “our realm of influence”. But now, we have our first professional, unbiased review from Kirkus Media Reviews. So read this and share our high.

The Long Road to Paris

Fast cars, fast women and fast thinking comprise this utterly entertaining thriller. Ed Talbot, engineer and owner of a fledgling alternative automotive testing company, has just been offered an intriguing opportunity. German scientist, Dietrich Otto has developed a revolutionary engine-technology that could seriously impact the world’s oil dependency. To gauge its effectiveness, Dietrich puts the invention into a 1967 VW Beetle and asks Ed to drive it in a car rally from New York to Paris. Ed agrees, though he’s uneasy about Dietrich’s almost pathological secrecy. Unease turns to full-fledged dread when Ed’s business partner is murdered and the FBI starts getting nosy. Someone has a huge interest in Dietrich’s invention, but who is it? Ed wants to back out, but breach of contract carries a heavy price, so he takes the wheel. He’s paired with a mysterious Frenchwoman who carries a potentially devastating secret. Soon, Ed’s feelings for Marie-Claire aren’t in keeping with those of a married man, but once they’re traveling on the great Trans-Siberian highway in Russia, romance is the last thing on his mind. Another murder, a nearly fatal attack and sabotage make the rally a race to survive. More than one country wants Dietrich’s technology either to develop or destroy, and Ed is smack in the middle with only Marie-Claire to trust. The Howles, themselves, experienced ralliests, have done a remarkable job recreating the day-to-day challenges of an around-the-world race, and their intriguing, behind-the-scenes details add a rich, delightful layer to the story. In a time of record-high gasoline prices, the plot raises intriguing questions about the world’s love affair with oil, but, thankfully the message isn’t heavy-handed. It’s Ed and Marie-Claire’s witty banter, quick thinking and dedication to the race- and each other- that makes the read so enjoyable. Though some plot resolutions are too convenient, it doesn’t detract from the fun-filled ride.

Kirkus Media Reviews

Editorial recommendation 

So, now the question is, How can we get the attention of a wider audience ?

1. Everyone who bought a book buys another for friend or family for a Christmas/birthday present!  That will double our exposure. If you want it signed, contact us at authorscontact@aol.com. (I’ll even wrap it!) If  not, it is available on Amazon and B&N.com

2. Get more invitations for readings and book signings at bookstores or book clubs.

3. Your suggestions……..

About ejhowle23

Authors and adventurers, participated in the World Race 2011, an automobile rally from New York to Paris, crossing three continents and 14,000 land miles. Following much the same route as the setting for our debut novel, The Long Road to Paris. This blog describes our own adventures and challenges. And now you can follow our Bahamas sailing adventure that provides the setting for our second novel, Night Watch. Our rally, the African Safari Challenge, crossed five countries in South Africa in May 2014 and in 2015 we participated in the second Trans-American rally this time from Nova Scotia to San Francisco. Spring of 2016 we travelled 28 days around Australia with friends from previous rallies and in the fall participated in our most exhausting rally through Argentina, Chili and Peru- the Rally of the Incas. We were awarded the Against All Odds award. We're still not sure if this was for us or our car. Stewball never broke down and we hardly did. We will soon take on Iceland as a self-drive tour and in the fall of 2017 we will participate in the Odyssey Italia and then back to Africa for a do-over (almost) of the Africa Safari Challenge.
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3 Responses to A new high

  1. Laurie Horn says:

    Wow!! That’s great. Enjoy your high!!!!! Well deserved, too.

  2. Dolores Hatchell Booth says:

    Hi Ed – I have to confess I haven’t had a chance to read your book yet, but I certainly plan to very soon. This summer has been so full of things and going places, I haven’t read anything except the newspaper, and right now I’m 4 days behind doing that. My kitchen table is so stacked with magazines, etc., I hardly have a place to eat. I do know you deserve your “high”, so enjoy every minute of it. As far as getting a wider audience, why dont you do some personal appearances and book signing at some of the book stores? Everyone likes to meet an author and get a personal message written by the author. I bought Jimmy Carter’s book years ago at a book signing, and have NEVER read it. Enjoyed meeting him, though. Just a thought. Hope all is well, and I promise when golfing weather is over, I will read your book. I think Frankie loaned hers to Cora Jean, but am sure both of them have probably read it long before now. Glad you’re back in the U. S. A.


    • ejhowle23 says:

      Thanks Delores, We have done a few personal appearances and book signings and plan to do more. Please let me know if you get this since I don’t know if this appears on your personal email or if you have to go to the blog . I only started typing 2 years ago and am still not much on computers.

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