Bears and Bad Weather

May 29: Vancouver to Quesnel. We left Vancouver in light rain and fog. From what I gather this is rather typical although everyone (make that locals) says it is unusually cold. I didn’t bring clothes for all this cold but found two long-sleeved t-shirts at a Gap yesterday. Even in this climate, most of the stores no longer have long-sleeved t-shirts. After all it’s almost summer!

After we left our lunch stop we had rain, sleet, hail and wintery mix. Some of the cars ahead of us actually got quite a bit of snow. That’s enough weather for one day!

Stewball on the Sea to Sky highway

We drove the “Sea to Sky highway” out of Vancouver to Whistler and Lillooet. A point of interest, the signs are both in English and Indian. I think it is Squamish but the sign for Whistler is also Skwikw. We certainly didn’t see this in the U.S.

I’ve been waiting for a bear sighting. We did see one black bear back in Virginia, but I didn’t get a photo. Well, just before Clinton, our lunch stop a Mama bear and her two cubs crossed the road in front of us. I was driving and by the time I got the camera from Ed, they were across the road heading down a gravel one. I did get this photo.

We avoided the gravel section today, it was 105 miles long and reported by the organizers to be “rutted with washboard.” This was an easy decision since we had over 400 miles to cover. Lots of the drivers were under their cars for most of the evening. The real endurance test will be the 530 miles we cover on day 25. Yuck!

Stewball and Canadian friend

We were met in Quesnel, pronounced Quenel, by the local antique car club and one of the cars was a 1967 Beetle. So Stewball had a friend!

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About ejhowle23

Authors and adventurers, participated in the World Race 2011, an automobile rally from New York to Paris, crossing three continents and 14,000 land miles. Following much the same route as the setting for our debut novel, The Long Road to Paris. This blog describes our own adventures and challenges. And now you can follow our Bahamas sailing adventure that provides the setting for our second novel, Night Watch. Our rally, the African Safari Challenge, crossed five countries in South Africa in May 2014 and in 2015 we participated in the second Trans-American rally this time from Nova Scotia to San Francisco. Spring of 2016 we travelled 28 days around Australia with friends from previous rallies and in the fall participated in our most exhausting rally through Argentina, Chili and Peru- the Rally of the Incas. We were awarded the Against All Odds award. We're still not sure if this was for us or our car. Stewball never broke down and we hardly did. We will soon take on Iceland as a self-drive tour and in the fall of 2017 we will participate in the Odyssey Italia and then back to Africa for a do-over (almost) of the Africa Safari Challenge.
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5 Responses to Bears and Bad Weather

  1. Wow, that must have been impressive to see bears just walk down the street!
    Drive safely (make sure there’s no bear in the back after a stop 😉

  2. OurBoler says:

    Love Bears, great to see. I have driven that route often and have never seen cubs, great picture!

    • ejhowle23 says:

      You commented that you are restoring a Boler and hope to take trips with your boys as a way to bnd the family. Just to let you know we bought a sailboat-40 ft and sailed the Bahamas three winters with our boys as a family connect. They were 10-11 at the start. A wonderful family experience, one none of us will forget. Travel with kids is a super way to share betweeen generations. Everyone was new at the start and everyone had responsibilities to make each day work. The focus had to be to get from point A to B without mishap. Both boys keep journals of their daily experiences (as part of language arts) but reading in their own words, just waht the time meant to them was a worthwhile experience for Ed and me. We wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Takes you out of the normal expectations of parent and child. They are now young men, 30 and 31. Enjoy the journey. Janet, Ed, Eddie and Mike

      • OurBoler says:

        i plan to take the boys on a sail boat for the first time this month, should be fun. they are still a little young for a trip on the boat, but the idea sounds amazing. We have been discussing the idea of exploring on a sail boat as a family (should probably get the Boler working first).

        i kept a jornal when I did the West coast trail, it was a great addition to the pictures, great suggestion! As soon as they can write i will encourage it:)

  3. John says:

    Anxiously awaiting you next Beetle post! Every AM I check! Rally on! John

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