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Throw Off the Lines

Jan. 17, 2015: I thought I’d share some of my musings as we start on this next adventure. First, I take off my rings and cut my fingernails; these hands have a lot of work to do. Nail polish and long … Continue reading

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An Easy Decision When the Flags are Horizontal

March 6: Now you may think this is a blog about weather and sailing. Well, only partly. True, it is too windy to even get Silver Girl out of the slip and true, the flags are flying horizontally. So,those are … Continue reading

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Stewball finds his voice

I never figured that Stewball would become a blogger. I guess making contact with Richard Petty was something he really wanted to do. And this new name, The Blue Blaze? Where did that come from? I know some friends have … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Bahamas Style

Nov. 24: Since we celebrated my birthday Russia style with vodka, it seemed we should celebrate Thanksgiving Bahamian style with cracked conch, peas and rice, and coleslaw. All this and more at the Poop Deck in Nassau. So, how did … Continue reading

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