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Sable visits Aquamarina boat yard

Nov. 20: Last week Sable’s  cockpit looked like this after we made a 48 hour visit to Aquamarine boat yard in Daytona Beach. Now this was not a long run from Halifax Harbor. In fact, we walk past this yard … Continue reading

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Guest onboard

Jan. 5. 2013: The first surprise has been that my internet connections in the Bahamas has been less reliable than Western China or Kazakhstan. Hence, the long pauses in blogging. The last entry was in Bimini and now we are … Continue reading

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Weather Window

 March 10-12: We had only a one day weather window to cross from Ft. Lauderdale to West End, Grand Bahama Island which is why we pushed so hard down the ICW to get to Ft. Lauderdale. It may seem strange to go so far … Continue reading

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Touring with Stewball

Jan. 19-22 Stewball doesn’t travel without a new flower in his bud vase. Fortunately my pansies are still blooming so we started on this book tour to promote (make that sell) The Long Road to Paris with fresh flowers in Stewball’s vase. … Continue reading

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Dream Destination

Nov. 26: At the front door of the Andros branch of the Bahamian Minister of Tourism we were met by a WOW! She had a sash diagonally across her chest announcing her title “Miss Teen Bahamas 2011.” Why was she … Continue reading

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“Most Popular”

Nov. 9: This post is about The Long Road to Paris, so if you thought you’d read about a beauty, teen-age, or winner of whatever contest, you can stop reading now. If, however, you want to read (even) more about … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview Part 3

Oct. 18: I had to delay this last section for several reasons. The most frustrating one is my hard drive crashed. The dreaded blue screen and the message: Fatal systems error. OK, so I am up and running again. Just … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview-Part 2

Oct. 14: Here are the next pages in chapter one of Night Watch. Thanks to all of you who gave us your first sentence and commented on our first pages. We’re waitng for your comments. The last of this chapter … Continue reading

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Sneak Preview

Oct. 12: I am posting the first few pages of our second novel, Night Watch. We would  love your comments and a suggestion for the first sentence. In any novel, the first sentence needs to “hook” the reader. We haven’t … Continue reading

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Night Watch

Aug. 10: We’ve started the actual writing of our second novel. The working title is Night Watch. It will be set in the Bahamas and involve sailing there, a venue we are very familiar with. We find it much easier … Continue reading

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