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Arctic Circle: mosquitoes, mud, potholes and pipline

June 7: The rally is over, but I have lots more to write. First our trip to the Arctic Circle on the day off in Fairbanks. At one time, lots of the participants talked of going, but on the morning … Continue reading

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Messing with the competition *

April 1: I figure since I have the smallest engine in the Trans-American rally, I needed to work out other advantages. My owners are great people, but lack imagination in some areas so I am suggesting these possible “solutions” to assist their … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

Feb. 25: We thought we had Stewball ready for rallying. But no, every rally has it own regulations and we are now making sure Stewball meets those of the Endurorally association. So far, Ed has installed the Terratrip rally thingy, sort of a computer, … Continue reading

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Secret Identity

Feb. 6: Could you recognize an authentic  ’67 Beetle? So, prove it. Is Stewball really what he appears to be? Something hidden inside perhaps. (I’ve read something about an alternative energy engine, but I’m sure that was a novel!) Just … Continue reading

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